Around Town – January 30

Jan. 30

Orchids to

• all the conservatives who took part in the anti-abortion march for life in D.C. on Friday, in contrast with all those on Jan. 21.

• Frank Anderson for making Brady’s day by giving him a tour of your shop, from Eryn.

Happy Birthday to

• Pat Blanton, from your family, Shirley, Mary Beth, Teresa, Sandy, Bonnie, Tanja and Donna.

• Mya Blanton, from your family and Donna.

• Sally Simmonds, from your neighbors.

• Claire Perry, from your friends at the BMV.

• Tim Foster, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Mary Lou Estes, from Sonja.

• Steven West on No. 6, from Nana and Papaw.

• Lila Rain Fox, from Mom, Dad, Keegan, Grayson and Jackson.

• Aunt Marge Bierlein, from Jenny and family.

• Haley Parks, from Mamaw and Papaw Mosier.

Happy Anniversary to

• John and Julie Johnson, from Pat, Mike and family.