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Jill and Jim Farkas sit in their dining room at Lil Black Bear Inn, their bed and breakfast on State Road 46 East.

For The Republic

Jill and Jim Farkas had never been to Brown County before they bought the Always Inn.

They hadn’t even been to the inn.

After several years of taking care of foster children with special needs, the couple decided about a year and a half ago they wanted to buy and run a bed and breakfast.

Finding the right fit was difficult. They even looked at buying a small motel, but they had no better luck there.

The Farkases speak highly of Freda D’Souza Danzig, from whom they are in the process of buying the Always Inn, on State Road 46 between Nashville and Columbus. Danzig was willing to work with them when they couldn’t find a place in their price range that would make a profit.

Since they took over the bed and breakfast — now called the Lil Black Bear Inn — in October, the couple have thoroughly enjoyed being hosts. Stories of their guests are spun around meals and board games.

A typical breakfast may include baked oatmeal, home fries, toast, bacon and herbed eggs, Jim said. All breakfasts are made from scratch.

Jill has even made a vegan breakfast for a couple. Trying to figure out how to make a hearty breakfast without eggs or dairy had her scouring the internet for ideas.

“I don’t mind going the extra mile with people,” Jill said.

After serving them breakfast, the Farkases offer to join their guests for a cup of coffee, Jill said.

“I like it to be a very homey atmosphere — the living room’s your living room. Our daughter likes to sit and eat breakfast with the guests,” she said.

Jim said they want to build their business by building relationships with their guests. They look to their place in the community in much the same way.

Coming from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Jim said he enjoys living close to a place like Nashville, where they can let their children head off on their own when they visit town — the youngest is in ninth grade — and not have to worry about them.

“The community has given us a nice reception,” Jim said. “Our kids are doing good in school. They’re being invited to parties already — sleepovers.”

The couple have felt well-received in the business community, too.

“It feels like everyone is rooting for us,” Jim said.