Around Town – February 3

Orchids to …

• Le Petit Caraibes for providing the food for our mission fundraiser lunch, from the Big Creek Mission Trip Team, First Christian Church.

• all the area businesses that allowed us to ring and sing in front of their establishments this past Christmas season and the hundreds of volunteers who enabled us to serve the community for another year, from the Columbus Salvation Army.

• Republican senators for showing courage and backbone in rejecting the nominee to head public education.

• the businesses that helped to kick off our kettle season with some great generosity, from the Columbus Salvation Army.

• to all Angel Tree sponsors, from the Columbus Salvation Army.

• Upland Pump House, Tri-State Artisans and the more than 40 painters for a fun event Tuesday night raising money for the Columbus Area Arts Council.

• Johnson Tire Company for excellent customer service and for not trying to sell a customer something that is not needed.

• Susan Cox and Tom Lane for their excellent opinion pieces in Wednesday’s paper.

• Dr. David Hamilton for saving my life 13 years ago, from Norma.

• those who are willing to speak out and resist the decrees coming from our new president.

• the patriot who flew the United States of America flag upside down.

Onions to …

• The Republic for how it has handled my Onions about sporting events pre-empting music on local radio stations.

• those who support our new president and sidekick who have managed to turn the whole world, except for Russia, against us in less than two weeks.

• people whining about not getting a participation trophy.

• those who call an office asking for a number to a different office.

• those who believe everyone deserves an award, medal or trophy for simply participating.

• the owners of cats who do not obey the city ordinance and keep the cats on their own property.

• those who keep crying about the presidential election and refuse to move on and get over it.

• the store employee who refused to take a roll of quarters in payment for my $9.76 total purchase.

• city officials for trying to put an overpass on the railroad track at just State Road 46 when there are other railroad crossings in the area which could use one as well.

• to the people who picked up our black and white kitten, Izzy, in our neighborhood in the fall, who has now returned home to us after three months of searching with an extremely tight flea collar on her.

• insurance companies trying to solicit people to buy insurance when they’re not interested.

• those who think the roundabouts in town should be rated higher than a zero because I give them both a zero.

Happy Birthday to …

• Melanie Stamper, from your family, co-workers and church family.

• Roxie Russell, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Tasha, from Mom, Rodney, Brianna, Lily and Brad.

• Dolly Dee Green Tatman, from Paul, Kim, Angie, Greg and family.

• Kim Vannice, from your buddies.

• Joshua McKinsey, from your family and all the animals.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Tracie Jarrett, from Paul and Kim.

• Lisa Thomas, from Bonnie.