Court news – February 5

This is a report of cases filed in Bartholomew Circuit Court. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Circuit Court Complai

nts filedNationstar Mortgage vs. Judith K. Davis, Kentucky Avenue, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $71,272.26.

U.S. Bank National Association vs. William J. Ahlbrand, 13th Street, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $35,652.73.

Lisa Combs, Bartholomew County, vs. Victoria Wilkerson, Bartholomew County, complaint for damages.

U.S. Bank National Association vs. Victoria L. Mace, Vance Street, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $44,790.32.

U.S. Bank National Association vs. Charles R. and Ava C. Rider, Lucas Way, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $56,811.65.

First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. vs. Hugo Ruiz, Pinion Circle, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $147,283.

Tony R. Whittington, Hope, vs. Jose Garcia, Columbus, complaint for damages.

James Underwood vs. Indiana Natural Gas Corp., complaint for damages.

Willie and Amanda Parks vs. Jon Harris and General Petroleum Inc., complaint for damages.

PNC Bank, National Association, vs. Paul Higham, West County Road 450S, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Shelly Bryant vs. Andy Watkins, Arcadia Drive, and Shianna Watkins, North County Road 500E, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Charles D. and Amanda J. Hutt, Autumn Ridge Drive, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $79,753.26.

Hastings Mutual Insurance Co. vs. Cung Hnin, Indianapolis, $10,779.80.

Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. vs. Travis L. Salsman, Elliott Street, $1,659.

Hastings Mutual Insurance Co. vs. Tabatha L. Lawles, South Beatty Lane, $12,486.28.

Dissolutions of Marriage filed

Jeanette C. Anderson, Lawrence County, vs. William R. Anderson Jr., no address available, married Aug. 18, 1973, separated Nov. 16, 2016.Lindsay A. Braden, Navajo Court, vs. Timothy C. Braden, Columbus, married March 19, 2016, separated Dec. 6, 2016.

Josue Briseno Escudero, Della Road, vs. Maria Teresa Deceano Rodriguez, Rosemary Road, married Dec. 16, 1994, separated March 2000.

Lorraine Mae Pennington, Hope, vs. Brenton Wayne Pennington, Clifford, married June 24, 2016, separated Dec. 16, 2016.

Charley Nichelle Hayes, Coldstream Drive, vs. Cory Jacob Fowler, Greenbriar Drive, married June 23, 2015, separated June 7, 2016.

Marcia Gilpin, Bartholomew County, vs. Ernest Gilpin, Bartholomew County, married July 15, 1985, no separation date.

Joshua C. Janes, Bartholomew County, vs. Brittany Smith, Bartholomew County, married February 2015, no separation date, one child.

Martha R. Simpson, Bartholomew County, vs. Kenneth J. Simpson, Bartholomew County, married May 12, 2007, separated Dec. 3, 2016, two children.

Olivia Michelle Burton, Bartholomew County, vs. Anthony Joe Burton, Bartholomew County, married September 2013, separated June 8, 2015.