Letter: Keeping Americans safe top priority for president

From: Chris Harrison


Let me be clear: I am a Republican, conservative, however you want to put it. But first and most important I am an American.

There are many people supposedly upset about the latest executive order that was signed by President Trump last week. This is an absurd reaction to a common-sense action. Yes, I hear people saying, well, that figures, another Republican sticking up for the Republican president. I say not quite. As I said, I am an American first. And let me explain myself in a way that I do not think many have thought of.

Let’s say you are watching on TV one night that a group of individuals dressed in red and black with purple bandanas hanging from their left pocket was causing problems in Anytown, USA. Now, right before sunset you see two individuals walking toward your house wearing black pants and blue shirts with a teal bandana hanging from their right pocket. Now you have never seen these people before in your area, and they come up to your door and want to come into your house.

Do you let them in your house no questions asked, or do you want to know who they are, why they want to come in your house and what it is that they need?

Now follow me here. As we are all Americans here and we live in this country we call the United States of America, we will call this land our house; the airports, seaports are our doors; the individuals in question discussed in the executive order are the people we don’t know, but they look, dress and come from the same area as the ones causing problems all over the world (Anytown, USA). Now I can safely state that a very large percentage of people would not let complete and total strangers into their home when they could be there to either cook your family dinner tonight or do your family harm. So, I ask, why should we as a country do the same?

So I ask one final thing: What is wrong with safety, what is wrong with being cautious? If you wouldn’t do something in your house, don’t expect everyone else to do it in their houses. If you still have a problem with not letting refugees into this country, why don’t you go ask Germany how it worked out for them.

God bless America.