An indoor playground in downtown Columbus that has entertained children for nearly six years is starting to show its wear, prompting officials to consider making upgrades.

The playground in The Commons is a popular destination for many families during any given week. Commons officials do not keep track of how many children use the playground each month, but it is most busy during the weekend, said Shanda Sasse, Commons manager.

The amount of use at the 5,000-square-foot playground has resulted in some equipment showing wear, requiring repairs or replacements to be made, Commons Board members said.

Several pieces of broken equipment were recently replaced, said Erin Hawkins, a board member.

Three broken pieces in the toddler area — the round divot area, the red wave wall and the yellow bridge cushion piece — cost about $17,000 to replace. Two of those pieces have already been replaced, while officials are still waiting for the third part from the manufacturer, Sasse said.

“I think one of the challenges with the playground — and it’s not a bad problem to have — is that it’s loved by many families,” Hawkins said. “It takes a lot of wear-and-tear and The Commons Board is aware that some repairs and upgrades need to be made.”

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