Letter: Communicate clearly about tax proposals

From: Lisa Deaton


Some may be surprised to find that I am not against taxation. I appreciate the need for taxes and the benefit to the vast majority, when used correctly. I have pondered submitting a thought on taxation for several weeks, especially with the focus from the Statehouse in regard to an increase in the gas tax. I would not dream of debating whether this is the correct approach or not. I do not have before me all the facts that I would hope are in front of those who are pushing this agenda. However, I am confident in stating that the majority of the problem with getting the support for increased taxes is the lack of honesty and the final use of the requested tax.

Let’s say that I am asked to finance a car. I give my hard-earned funds to that person so they can purchase that car. However they use part of that cash for a road trip. Where is the problem? I agreed to pay for the car, not the trip. Too many times our tax dollars are not used for the intended purpose. In my view, it is the responsibility of our elected officials, no matter what level, to direct funds 100 percent to where they were advertised the need to be. The community can support the officials when they communicate clearly and use the revenue they have taken for its intended purpose. If there is going to be more than one area of usage, then communicate that fact. Otherwise, you should consider yourself chained to what the people understood through your communication.

I ask for our elected officials to understand that most of the people do not read the bills that are passed. Many would find the language difficult. The people want to support the needs of their community, state and nation but not at the expense of their own families’ needs and desires. It is time for our elected officials to learn to communicate more clearly to the masses what they are wanting and what those funds will be used for, down to the penny. In so doing, it limits the amount of times that there will be a need to ask the people to pay for something they already thought they were funding and garners support because of the honesty and responsibility the officials have shown in caring for the taxpayers’ hard-earned income.