Letter: Work on dam would harm local fishing

From: Don Schneck


Removal or modification of the century-old, low-head dam at Columbus could jeopardize one of the better smallmouth fisheries in this state.

Gone will be the sound of rushing water at the dam. More than likely in the summertime from Mill Race Park up the river, there will only be small troughs of water you will be able to jump across and scattered potholes. This will make the fish very vulnerable to predators and people who over harvest them.

Recreational value will decrease with the reduced water level restricting many boats. Few, if any, boats will be able to use the boat ramp at Mill Race Park.

The latest article in The Republic referred to the circular water motion as a safety concern for swimmers and kayaks. Circular water motion along with swift water, logs and snags are all part of the river and are all safety concerns. Are they planning on taking out all the logs and snags?

It’s a shame that the city of Columbus is asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for money that will jeopardize this great fishery when they are the ones we pay to protect it. All for a nicer attraction, a walkway and a restaurant.