Around Town – February 13

Feb. 13

Orchids to

• the church ladies at Chapel of the Good Shepherd for the memorial dinner, from the Fletcher family.

• the three young boys in Clifford with the cool dog who took the time to stop, come up to the house and tell us our Jeep’s lights were on.

• the Columbus North girls basketball team for the awesome accomplishment of winning a third consecutive regional title and trip to the Final Four.

• Columbus East Winter Guard on first place at Greenfield.

• the Ogilville Christian Church for my very first Valentine’s card on Valentine’s Day, from Irene.

• the lady and cashier at the Taylorsville Dollar General for helping me pay for my purchases on Saturday.

Happy Birthday to

• Mae Pack and Hannah Goddard, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• David Ketron, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Trudy Coy.

• David Burton.

• Bruce Singman.

• Dustin Crouse.

• Maude Alesandro on No. 85, from Charlotte.

• Kaydence Barnes, from Mom, Dad, Steven, Easton, Stephanie, Grandma Jenny, Jessica, Skyler and Mason.

• Katieanne Griner on No. 16, from Mom and Dad.

Happy Anniversary to

• Cecil and Maxine Jackson, from Charles, Mary and Elsie.

• Shawn and Lisa Thayer.