Special-needs cheer team highlights value of senior projects

Senior projects for high school students are valuable because they challenge individuals who will pursue additional schooling or enter the workforce to push themselves, to tackle a bigger project than they have before. That’s good training for what lies ahead.

Another important benefit is how they contribute to the community and can make a positive impact in the lives of people. Cassie McDonald’s project is a good example.

The East student, who has a cheerleading background, created a cheer team for special-needs students, called the Royalty Angels.

The cheerleading team of six elementary students practices regularly and recently performed at Super Saturday — the final event of Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp.’s Elementary Basketball League season. Super Saturday includes the semifinals and championship games for the boys and girls divisions, and the cheerleading competition. The Royalty Angels performed in front of a large crowd, just like the other cheer squads.

They also have performances lined up for Feb. 25 in Louisville and April 8 in Cincinnati.

McDonald’s project provides the special-needs school students with a fun, positive activity, and helps them build confidence and interpersonal relationships. It also created a wonderful opportunity for the children that has resulted in memories that will be lasting.

That’s a win for all parties involved, and another reason why senior projects are not only worthwhile but deserving of public support.