Around Town – February 21

Orchids to …

• NTN Driveshaft for your Bourbonfest support, from the Philharmonic.

• Ken Fudge for his letter to the editor, from someone who has seen it firsthand.

• Kevin King for the coffee Friday, from the pharmacy crew at Walgreens on State Road 46 West.

• Hauser Science Olympiad students.

• Columbus East Winter Guard on their first-place finish.

• Silver Oaks and staff for the Sunday brunch for residents and their families.

• the Andress family who owned Aberdeen for understanding that pets are God’s gift to man.

• Columbus East wrestling team and coaches for the awesome season.

• Peyton Rhodes for having one of the nicest senior profiles I have ever read.

• the Hope Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Newton for their kindness when we lost Jack.

• nurse Stephanie at Four Seasons for your medical help Sunday, allowing me to return to my wife and family.

• the new chef at Four Seasons for the food quality, from a frequent visitor.

• Judy Goddard for the birthday gift.

• Community at First Presbyterian, Cara and the Rev. Felipe Martinez for opening up their church to the Muslim community to share our experiences and challenges, and continuing to strengthen the bonds of our community, from Hanna Omar and the Islamic Society of Columbus Indiana.

• the Elks Club for the new menu and the great prime rib Saturday.

Onions to …

• drivers that need to keep their head up and phone down.

• groups forming against our new president.

• people who advocate legislation of hate crimes.

• the neighbors who let their kids antagonize my dogs.

• people who profess to be Christians, but talk bad about and judge others and lie.

• the person who flirts with women, presumably to get their business.

• the local group for jumping to conclusions and not allowing time for the president to make America great again.

• illegal immigrants who don’t realize what illegal means and think they have a right to protest.

• people who take their laundry to somebody’s house and never offer to pay them for their water or electricity.

• all the people who have trees, but won’t clean up their leaves and let the wind blow them onto their neighbors’ yards.

• people who are upset with the present city administration.

• people who treat the food court as a shelter house for birthday parties.

• The Republic for reporting the Indivisible movement as a nonpartisan local group.

Happy Birthday to …

• Richard Spall, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Greg Stein, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• Edna Basham on No. 101, from the McNulty family.

• Greg Hensley, with love from Mom, Dad and family.

• Elsie Hege, Jackie Clouse and Jennifer Swope, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Brennan Haehl, from Grandma Henry.

• Lynn Glick, from Elsie.

• Toni Sorg.

• Jay Stroup.

• Tyler Burke.

• Kim Schneckenberger on No. 18, from Mom, Dad, Brad, Ashleigh and Zuko.

• Sherri Hetisimer and Belva Lawson, from your friends, Beat, Pat and Lucy.

• Greg States, from Hayden, Adyson, Mom and Dad, David and Shannon, Ethyn, and Emylee.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Phil on No. 53, from Connie, Jackson, Sadie and Fanni.

• Kris and Melissa Everett.