Around Town – February 22

Orchids to …

• Bartholomew Sheriff Matt Myers for his help, from a disabled person.

• Ken Fudge for his letter to the editor, from a grateful resident.

• Mary Ellen Sweet Grossman for her service to the Bartholomew County Clerk’s Office.

• ZwanzigZ, our volunteers, Team Discovery, janitorial staff, Josh Burnett, our bingo sponsors and to all who attended Southside’s Pizza Bingo last week.

• Charlie Wells for always planning the fun night out for Valentine’s Day with the group.

• Jack and Rhonda St. Clair for helping me finish the bathroom floor.

• teacher Greg Lewis, who continually goes above and beyond to make history interesting and fun for his students.

• Bartholomew County Indivisible for pushing back.

• Bill in Building and Zoning for getting property claimed on County Road 200W, from all the neighbors around Northgate.

Onions to …

• those upset about citizens being upset with the current administration.

• those who can’t research that President Trump did not mention a terrorist attack in Sweden but mentioned the uptick in violence.

• churches that don’t pay their bills on time and then skip out on the past-due interest.

• the person who threw the shoes out of the van window onto the street.

• drug deals being made at a city park.

• those who don’t realize that no one is perfect, not even Christians.

• the group that is finding ways to incite protests rather than finding ways to help the country heal.

• people who hit a little animal and don’t stop to pick it up and put it on the side of the road.

• people who think they live in a gated community and walk in the street when they should be using sidewalks and people trails.

• supporters of the president who don’t realize the Bill of Rights protects the freedom of speech and right to assemble.

• those who think they should be allowed to commit a hate crime with no penalty.

• the person who blocked the bill that would have made elections in Indiana more fair to everyone.

• employees who sit and chat with each other for hours on end, then complain about being too busy to get their work done, causing others to do the work.

Happy Birthday to …

• Cody Burker, from your family and Donna.

• Wanda Weekly, from your family and Donna.

• Becky Floyd, from your family.

• Addison Schaffer, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Chris Burton, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Archie Bill Herron and Janet Lee, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Mary Glasson, from Charles, Maxine and Elsie.

• Abram Schuette, from Aunt Elsie.

• Noah Frederickson.

• Becki Ashbrook.

• Mike Wallace.

• MacKenzie Garner on No. 1, from Mom and Dad.

• Martha Bell, from your daughters of Isabella Sisters.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Elsie Hege, from Carol.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Tony and Jackie Miller.

Happy Belated Anniversary to …

• Kris and Melissa Everett, from Carol.