Letter: Smith blocked vote, could’ve pass bill

From: Barbara Wolanin, Women 4 Change Indiana


Milo Smith is the Indiana state representative for District 59, which includes Columbus. He is on the House Elections and Apportionment Committee. House Bill 1014 is before this committee. The bill will require Indiana to set up an independent redistricting commission to identify and implement reform and eliminate gerrymandering.

This type of reform is law in many states. It is important legislation with broad support. On Feb. 15, the committee put House Bill 1014 on the agenda for a vote. Hundreds of supporters filled the statehouse to show support for the bill. The bill had the votes to pass, moving out of committee to the floor of the General Assembly. Smith did not vote “no.” He did something worse. He blocked a vote. He did not allow the bill to leave committee. The bill has support and the votes to pass.

Smith did not represent Columbus. He represented his special interests. If he does not want to be associated with the “political swamp,” he needs to act in the best interest of the people of Indiana.