Court news – February 25

Marriage License Applications

Brandon Lee Norman, 29, South County Road 300W, and Morgan Elizabeth Keeling, 23, South County Road 300W.

Gary Phillip Schroeder, 54, Peach Court, and Rhonda Sue Ollestad, 56, Peach Court.

Timothy G. Shaw, 59, Sycamore Drive, and Sandra Sue Williamson, 59, Sycamore Drive.

Jonathan Print Givens, 45, California Street, and Swiftgraze Akong Fagsao, 36, California Street.

Caleb Ray Hicks, 33, Cottage Avenue, and Jessica Cannon, 30, Cottage Avenue.

Roger Alan Neibel, 52, Adkins Road, and Ashley Nicole Isgrigg, 26, Adkins Road.

Michael Alan Robertson, 57, Fremont Drive, and Deanna Marie Ammerman, 55, Fremont Drive.

Travis William Turner, 25, Persimmon Court, and Sophia Keys-David, 24, Persimmon Court.

Dan William Shriner II, 45, Fawn Court, and Shirley Fay Bailey, 46, Fawn Court.

Spencer W. Davis, 27, Gadsden, Alabama, and Hillary A. Clark, 28, Gadsden, Alabama.

Timothy Lee Johnson, 48, California Street, and Jessica Renee Hill, 37, California Street.

Matthew Richard McNealy, 30, Joseph Cox Court, and Marilyn Renea Greene, 30, Joseph Cox Court.

Juan Manuel Gonzalez, 38, Edinburgh, and Alma Telma Duran, 40, Edinburgh.

David Lynn Bishop, 66, East Main Street, and Mary Jane Norman, 62, East Main Street.

Michael Lee Clemenz, 48, Alvin Drive, and Pamela Lynn Whitis, 49, Alvin Drive.

Clyde Edward Dailey, 70, Hope, and Diana Kay Scott, 68, English.

Nirmal Kumar Vaidadi, 26, Findlay, Ohio, and Emily Nicole Tackett, 18, Lucas Way.

Lisa Marie Glick, 39, East Webb’s Way, and Steven D. Alderson, 39, East Webb’s Way.

William Lannan, 27, South County Road 250E, and Margo Toney, 26, Indianapolis.

Melissa Darle Head, 35, Fox Trail Lane, and Danny Ray Baker, 56, Fox Trail Lane.

Amanda Marie Sedam, 30, Chestnut Street, and Jason Lee Moore, 29, Chestnut Street.

Perry Keaymonda Davis, 20, Hope, and Paige Alexandria Swim-Simmons, 22, Junco Drive.

Alexander David Dickherber, 45, 22nd Street, and Cecilia Kozuch, 43, Forest.

David Wayne Smith, 44, Glendale Drive, and Donna Lynne Ward, 52, Glendale Drive.

Douglas Victor Jones II, 30, Hawcreek Boulevard, and Gabriela Cruz-Cedillo, 30, Hawcreek Boulevard.

Jonathan David Foust, 23, Seymour, and Courtney Rae Brandsma, 23, Posthorn Court.

Frederick Lewis Anderson, 36, Fourth Street, and Cathy Foree-Bryant, 45, Fourth Street.

Rogelio Lopez Ibarra, 30, North Brooks Street, and Johann Enid Maldonado Santiago, 22, North Brooks Street.

Brittany R. Cockerham, 26, McCullough lane, and Christopher Thomas Bay, 28, McCullough Lane.

Alexandrea Len Gray, 26, Osage Court, and Joe Knorriegga Mukinni, 27, Osage Court.

Richard Levail Shell, 54, Della Road, Teresa A. Madison, 47, Ninth Street.

Danielle Rose O’Neill, 24, Freetown, and Matthew Stephen Dean, 25, Thicket Court.

Racheal Sneed, 23, Diane Drive South, and Javier Madrigal, 33, Diane Drive South.

Bradley Jay Throop, 51, Triangle Court, and Araceli Montano, 41, Triangle Court.

Avery Brown, 25, Whiteland, and Jonathan Vogt, 27, West County Road 50S.

Erin Leanne Rockwell, 31, Hackberry Drive, and Chris Eugene Couch, 37, Hackberry Drive.

Jared M. Hardy Sr., 39, Pennsylvania Street, and Richelle M. Medlock, 44, Pennsylvania Street.

David Aaron Nicolay, 25, Elm Street, and Michelle Jane Haskamp, 25, Elm Street.

Loren Kyle Brooks, 48, Lafayette Avenue, and Sarah Beth Read, 27, Hope.

Michael Robert Stroh, 36, Posthorn Court, and Jessica Faye Biggers, 24, Posthorn Court.

Charles Nathan Russell, 24, Rosebud Drive, and Kelli Michelle Ketner, 24, Rosebud Drive.

Allyn Ashley Fink, 25, Hope, and Mark Allen Crossen, 27, Hope.

Terry Wayne McClintic, 28, Olmstead Drive, and Shannon Nichole Acton, 27, Edinburgh.

Mary Catherine Diaz-Mejias, 28, North National Road, and Victor Manuel Viveros-Vazquez, 38, North National Road.

Brittany Dawn Eldridge, 19, Miracle Drive, and Corey Michael Cutshall, 18, Miracle Drive.

Yuanzhi Bao, 26, Williamsburg Court, and Jialin Qu, 32, Williamsburg Court.

Odalis Yarys Lopez, 22, Tippecanoe Lane, and Misael Marquez, 25, Tippecanoe Lane.

Jonathon Dean George, 34, Hartsville, and Heather Nicole Harden, 30, Hartsville.

Norma Ruth Bode, 70, St. James Place, and James William Darnell Jr., 70, McCullough Lane.

Cirilo Utrera Vazquez, 52, Cambridge Square, and Jacqueline Del Valle, 47, Cambridge Square.

Timothy Dale McGraw Jr., 32, Fieldstone Drive, and Karla Rochelle White, 28, Fieldstone Drive.

April Nicole McClean, 27, Hope, and Woodrow Taylor McFarland, 19, Hope.

Adetokunbo Charles Olofin, 27, Riverstone Way, and Christiana Bimbola Awoyemi, 26, Riverstone Way.

Catherine Becker Hageman, 32, Home Avenue, and Jordan Neal Winkler, 29, Home Avenue.

Samantha N. Powers, 27, Broadmoor Lane, and Jordan Johnson, 26, North Vernon.

Alfredo Martinez-Valdez, 43, Andrews Drive, and Cara Arleen Williams, 29, Wilson Street.

Manan Narendra Shah, 35, Pine Ridge Drive, and Toralben Chunibhai Patel, 30, Pine Ridge Drive.

Jesse Wayne Hedger, 19, Cottage Avenue, and Selena Fawna Sue Garrity, 18, Ninth Street.

Bryce Lee Minor, 27, Woodcrest Drive, and Cassandra Jean Monroe, 25, Woodcrest Drive.

Douglas Joe Boston, Cottage Avenue, and Tamara Sue Fields, 46, Cottage Avenue.

Roy Austin Goode, 26, Newton Street, and Brittany Lynn Beales, 25, Newton Street.