Around Town – February 26

Orchids to …

• nurses Jessica, Kelly, Tina, Elizabeth and Brittany who were so wonderful to me on my recent stay in the hospital, from Maxine.

• the Hartsville Fire Department for rescuing my dog from the pond behind my house.

• Beth and John Stroh for letting the Bartholomew County Indivisible Group use the basement at Viewpoint Books as a meeting place.

• Officer Stevens and Officer Quesenbery, along with the other empowering women and men of the Columbus Police Department, for organizing the SAFE event for North senior girls.

• Columbus East students who drive responsibly at lunch period and follow traffic laws.

• citizens who stand up for the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment.

• Larry Boxler for his letter on why Indiana does not need hate crime legislation.

• the America and Roby Anderson Community Center for an awesome pancake breakfast Saturday.

• the Indiana state legislature for keeping the position of state superintendent of public education as an elected position.

Happy Birthday to …

• Rita Wheeler, from the family, Bonnie, Sheryl and Donna.

• Jim Sturgeon, from the family and Donna.

• Kari Kerns, from Mom and Dad Willis.

• Barry Miller, from Diego and Lilly.

• Teresa Crossland, from Russ, Terry and Linda.

• Sidney Thompson, from Mom, Joe, Trace and Thor.

• Lauren Gross.

• Ruth Wilson.

• Susan Ziegler.

• Shermiah Elkins.

• Blaine Harold Sims.

• Natasha Pike, from Mamaw McClintic, Bailey, Benny, Mom, Dan, Jason, Tony, Brian, Aurora, Torrie, Tom and Kayleigh.

Happy Birthday to …

• Belinda Harpring, from Karen Ward-Carroll.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Charlotte and Ron Webber on No. 46, from Janet and Susan.

ANOTHER beautiful morning