Around Town – March 1

Orchids to …

• Tropical Smoothie Cafe and its great employees for giving us the opportunity for a terrific fundraiser last Thursday, from the Columbus Power Elite All Star Cheer.

• German Township Volunteer Fire Department, Our Hospice of South Central Indiana, First Baptist Church of Amity and Columbus Baptist Church, family, friends and neighbors for all the help I received when my husband passed away, from Alice Weddle.

• Mayor Lienhoop for bringing professionalism, integrity, transparency and true servant leadership to City Hall, from a grateful resident.

• Chick-fil-A for hosting the daddy-daughter date night on Monday.

• Linda Robertson at Richards Elementary School for always being willing to help when and where needed, not just in “your job.”

• the automotive business employees for being quick and helpful with my problem.

• Columbus Police Department, Columbus Fire Department and EMS for the care they gave my son Sunday morning as you saved his life, from Jonathan’s mom.

• Dr. Jack Scherer for the good care I received and to the nurses who patiently answered our questions, from a grateful elderly couple.

• Wanda Mitchell for sending me a get-well card signed by many of our friends and family, from Ted.

• the Centra member for returning my ATM card.

• the kind gentleman who made the day of three women at Bob Evans.

• Camryn Morris and the entire student committee, adult mentors, community volunteers and supporters for an outstanding Dance Marathon.

• the 520 students who attended Dance Marathon in support of preventing teen dating violence.

• Ian Kohen for his 16th year volunteering with Dance Marathon.

Onions to …

• those who support high-fenced, canned trophy hunting.

• the person who thinks that extra-high fences and canned hunts are fair to the animals, and to The Republic for too much coverage of this person.

• those who shoot deer in a fenced-in area and call it hunting.

Happy Birthday to …

• Teresa Johnson, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Kara Lay, from the family and Donna.

• Owen Hege, from the family and Donna.

• Joyce Bolton, from your family.

• Ron Drysdale, from Scott, Debbie and all your family.

• Grace Orr, from June and John Vinson.

• Sheila Downey, from Elsie.

• Owen Patrick Hege, from Grandma Hege.