Around Town – March 12

Thought for the Day

• “’Home’ is any four walls that enclose the right person.”

• — Helen Rowland American writer 1876-1950

Orchids to …

• Jay Frederick for making my birthday so special, from Cooper.

• Kevin Roth, the athletics director and head coach of the Columbus Christian basketball team, for his and the team’s well-deserved win and honor, from the O’Connell family.

• Jeff Jones for volunteering to lead the battle against the opiate epidemic in our community.

• Stuart and the staff at Ray’s Automotive Center for the great service and help with Smart Car tires.

• The Salvation Army for your Gleaner’s Truck for seniors along with the other one at Cummins to help those on a limited income who have trouble meeting their needs.

• my favorite Aunt Kimbo for being the best ever who deserves a week at the beach, from Maggy.

• Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. employees for their persistent dedication to the welfare of our children.

• all who prayed and sent food and cards to us through our terrible loss, from the Zeiglers.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jayden Burton and Ron Trotter, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Carolyn Martin, from your family and friends.

• Shoki Sato, from your family and Donna.

• Jared Raisor

• Everett James Lentz, from Elsie.

• Trey Hoover.

• Daniel Wasson.

• David Nading.

• Katherine Knause.

• Josie Heslop.

• Wyatt Pate.

• Nellie Thomson, from Bob, Jeri, Janet and the rest of your friends and family.

• my wife, Kimberly Milligan, from your husband.

• Brian Wilhite, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Sue Morgan, from Donny Idol, Junior, Jacob, Tiffany, Terri, Rodger Sr., Wilma and family and friends.

Happy Birthday to …

• Herbert Bennett, from your family.

ANOTHER beautiful morning