March is nationally recognized as Youth Art Month (YAM), which works to encourage support for quality art programs within schools in the United States.

It is administered by the Council for Art Education and serves as a way for skills developed through experiences in visual art to be recognized. These skills include, but are not limited to, problem solving, observation, creativity and communication.

Traditionally, art shows, fundraisers and other activities are hosted annually during March to celebrate the education of art for students in public schools.

Jennings County High School is taking part in YAM by hosting a variety of activities throughout March. One was a door competition, and homerooms were allowed to decorate the classroom door with either an original art piece or a recreation of a famous one. The winner will be rewarded with either pizza or doughnuts.

Other activities include penny wars and themed days, such as hat day coming up Wednesday. Teachers can wear jeans every Monday in March, but they must also wear some sort of artsy shirt. Proceeds from Hat Day will benefit the high school’s National Art Honor Society.

An art wall is being displayed in the school’s main hallway. Students can submit original art that will later be showcased on the wall surrounding the YAM logo.

Jennings County High School and the Council for Art Education strongly encourages everyone to support the visual arts and do all that they can in order to keep it in the United States’ education system.