Around Town – March 14

Orchids to …

• Scott Keen for his excellent, on-target and timely letter to the editor.

• Jim West for bringing a church bulletin to a disabled person.

• the kind person who returned my purse to the Kroger store, from Karen.

• friends, family and all who called, visited and sent cards or prayers to me during my medical problems, from J.D. and family.

• IU Methodist medical personnel in Indianapolis, Columbus Regional Hospital, Silver Oaks Health Campus, doctors and nurses for the kind and courteous care I received, from J.D. and family.

Onions to …

• co-workers who present ideas as their own without giving the original person credit.

• people who bring up co-worker information in meetings even though it doesn’t have any bearing on the meeting.

• the city administration for not mentioning during the State of the City address that other cities landed Faurecia and NTN plant expansions.

• people trying to raise awareness who don’t realize that just doing one thing, and then thinking they don’t have to do anything else, accomplishes nothing.

• impatient drivers who feel every traffic light needs turn arrows.

• people who support President Trump’s continual disregard for the Ninth Commandment.

• people who think that taking health care insurance away from 10 million people, raising the cost for 5 million more and giving a tax cut to rich people is keeping a promise.

• agents trying to sell your house who don’t turn off lights after a showing, which substantially adds to the electric bill when you have a lot of showings day after day.

• people who take parts of the newspapers at the public library.

• the reckless, impatient drivers on 25th Street between Columbus and State Road 9, putting everybody’s lives in danger.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jeanette Marsh, from Kyle, co-workers and Donna.

• Joann Trilling, from Donna.

• Byron Ayers, from Byron, Tanya, Ian, Owen and Ava, Heather, Josh, Mikayla, Parker and Annie, Elizabeth, Tim, Luke and Katie.

• Leslie Paulin, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Krista Ross.

• Charlie Schuette, from Aunt Elsie.

• Jeanette Fivecoat, from Catherine and Marty.

• Jeanette, from Rollin and Gus.

• Ethan Lee on No. 16, from Mamaw Patty, Papa Doodle, Matt, Lisa, Katie, Sarah, Paige and your mamaws.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Ab and Charlotte Frazier-Bey, from your family and Donna.

• Abduliah and Charlotte Frazier-Bey.

ANOTHER beautiful morning