Around Town – March 21

Orchids to …

• people organizing National Ag Day.

• Don Strietelmeier for speaking against the hate-crime legislation.

Onions to …

• the local official who has yet to release last year’s statistics after promising to do so.

• The Republic for such small print, which makes it difficult for people with eyesight problems to read.

• city officials for being so full of themselves as we watch store after store close and the streets fill with drug addicts and crime.

• people serving in the judiciary who think it is their duty to make law from the bench, rather than leave law-making to the legislative branch where it belongs, as provided in the Constitution.

• anyone who circulates fake news.

• people who fly drones right up to windows in broad daylight.

• the newspaper for late delivery on Saturday.

• The Republic for not publishing other Indiana high school basketball semi-regional results in the paper on Sundays.

• hypocritical liberals who preach love and unity and accuse others of hate, discrimination and division when they are the ones creating this environment.

• The Republic for not publishing Major-League and minor-league baseball schedules.

• the person who put cardboard boxes in the paper recycle bin that had a sign saying “no cardboard.”

• landlords who throw people out after they have been in the hospital for a week and are on life support.

• utility company for not flying the U.S. flag for several weeks.

• The Republic for putting the silliest things on the front page.

Happy Birthday to …

• Joey Johnson, from Linda.

• Rhonda St. Clair, from Jack, Randy, Mom, Emily, Zoe, Cody, Aaron and Dawn.

• Juston Buckner, James Burton and Charles Gross, from Pastor Lewis Burton and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Robin Boswell, from all your friends at CRH and your family.

• Debbie Tungate, from your family.