Cummins succeeding in reducing water usage

Cummins Inc. has increased the reduction goal for its water usage because ongoing efforts are ahead of schedule.

When the Columbus-based diesel engine maker unveiled its 2020 Environmental Sustainability Plan in 2014, it pledged to reduce its direct water usage by 33 percent, adjusted by labor hours, by the target date.

Because Cummins had achieved a 42 percent reduction by the third quarter of 2016, the global company increased its 2020 goal to a 50 percent reduction, according to a news release.

The new 50 percent goal represents a total water savings of 763 million gallons since 2010 — equivalent to the water needed for drinking, sanitation and hygiene for 395,000 people for a year, the company said.

The revised goal was announced Tuesday, a day ahead of World Water Day, which is today.

Cummins has installed low-flow fixtures and efficient equipment at its worldwide facilities, plus corrected water leaks and taken other steps, the company said in a news release.