Bookmobile adds new services, more stops, home delivery homes

There is so many exciting new things happening with the Bookmobile.

But let me start with what isn’t new, our service. In simple terms, we’re the library on wheels. Nina Spicer and I drive around in a converted step van full of library items just waiting to be checked out.

We go to schools, retirement communities and neighborhoods throughout the county. Patrons can use their Bartholomew County Public Library Card to check out our items. If you don’t have a library card, you can even apply for one on the Bookmobile.

One Bookmobile aspect that a lot of our patrons really like is that we don’t charge overdue fees. We even renew your books for you up to two times. As long as there are no holds, you can keep the material for up to 12 weeks with no penalties.

What else could you ask for? How about literally bringing them to your door?

We have recently begun a new service of delivering books to homebound patrons. When we have some down time, normally on Fridays, we have been able to bring library books to people who are not able to get out of the house. Some people like to ask for specific books to bring. Other times, we just have a list of the genres, and we pick them out.

Once the patron has finished what we brought, we get a call to bring some more. Want more info? Call us at 812-379-1278.

Another exciting new addition to the Bookmobile includes DVDs. We now carry our own collection of new and popular movies for you to check out. Due to our schedule, these DVDs check out for four weeks and do not carry overdue fees. The only catch is that you cannot put them on hold. You have to find us at one of our many stops in order to check them out.

Speaking of holds, did you know that you can now choose the Bookmobile as a pickup location for held materials? Once you are logged into your library account, you can choose specific books and select Bookmobile. Once the hold is available, we will bring them out during your next scheduled stop.

Our final big change is the addition of four new stops. We now visit Hartsville, Mill Race Center, and Shadow Creek subdivision, as well as a quick stop in Grammer at a preschool. To find a list of our public stops with the times that we will be there, pick up a schedule at the library, check the map at our website at, or give us a call.

We can mail you a schedule or let you know where the closest stop is. Otherwise, feel free to stop in and look around any time you see us out and about.

Valerie Baute is the Bookmobile manager at the Bartholomew County Public Library and can be reached at