Senior profile: Megan Newton

» Age: 17

» School: Columbus East High School

» Who are your parents, grandparents and siblings?

My parents are Jason and Sharon Newton. I have one sister, Molly Newton; she is 15 years old. My grandparents are Phil and Jane Newton and Jack and Marlene Chestnut.

» Which elementary and middle school/junior high did you attend?

I attended Richards Elementary School and Central Middle School.

» What’s your favorite class or part of the school day?


» In which extracurricular activities do you participate?

President of Student Government, tennis, FCCLA, National Honors Society, Prom Committee.

» When you’re not in school, where’s your favorite place to be and why?

I enjoy being on my family’s boat on the lake because I can lay there and relax and I like the warm weather.

» What has been your greatest high school memory so far and why?

Sitting in the student section as a freshman and winning the football state championship in 2013 because of the energy in the crowd and the game was so entertaining to attend.

» What are you looking forward to after graduation?

Receiving a degree in occupational therapy and helping patients regain their strength after a setback.

» Who in your life has inspired you or whom do you look up to and why?

My mom has inspired me to teach and help others as much as I can.

» What is the most important thing you’ve learned during, or from, high school?

To create lifetime friendships with the people you enjoy being with the most.

» Additional message:

My Favorite Bible Verse: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. — Philippians 4:13

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