From: Dr. B.J. Paschal


President Trump’s anti-populism budget slashes programs that aid the poor and the elderly, and it fails to tackle debt as it paints a bull’s-eye on the vulnerable, not to mention that mammon replaced Apollo in the conservative pantheon. It’s the revenge of the philistines, I suppose.

I see little intense empathy with or sympathy for the plight of working people or for the arts in America. And “plight” is not a hyperbolic term. It exudes a decidedly philistine aura for the arts and reminds thinking folks of the Dickensian workhouse and “Fables of the Bees,” with its warnings about spoiling the needy: “We tried to provide more for the poor and produced more poor instead,” so say Paul Ryan as he channels Ayn Rand and Donald Trump, who is destroying his presidency one tweet at a time. Can you say, “President Pence?”