Around Town – March 30

Orchids to …

• Shirley Todd for her letter to the editor stating the need for public prayer in school.

• East Columbus Christian Church for hosting a tremendous South Central Indiana Fellowship meeting and meal.

• Officer Quesenbery, Bob Kasting, Aaron Lynott, Mrs. Lindsey, Mr. Alvarez, Mr. Chastain for the planetarium in the science lab, from Smith Pre-K.

• George and your wife for your help when we had car trouble in the drive-thru and for paying for my meal, from Doug and Ashlynn.

• Dale Fleetwood for the beautiful daffodils on U.S. 31 and County Road 600S, from your friend.

• Carol Rumple for the honor roll.

• Dr. Davis, nurses and staff at Columbus Regional Hospital for the excellent care they gave me, from Marcia.

Onions to …

• politicians who lack common sense and are out of touch with the middle class.

• those who don’t realize that 30 more carry-out liquor stores in Columbus would mean lower prices.

• those who eat at their desk instead of the break room, making everyone smell their horrible smelling lunch.

• companies that pay some employees for overtime while expecting it of others.

• the city for the potholes on Flintwood Drive and for giving new pavement to the side roads instead of the busiest roads on that side of town.

Happy Birthday to …

• Curt Fulp, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Ethan Sterett.

• Ava Wade.

• Brian Abner, from the Hammack family.

• Shawn Dorsett.

• Chelsea Spartz.

• Ava Wade.

• Misty Cross, from Grandma Jean.

• Joan Jones, from your family and friends.

• Melissa Holtsclaw, from Thornton’s family.

• Dean Burton, from your family.