Around Town – March 31

Orchids to …

• Kevin at Frank Anderson Tire for excellent customer service, from Carol.

• Carpet One for the beautiful flooring that was installed last week and for the donuts and chocolate milk.

• the area churches and members of the community for their prayers and encouragement for the First Christian Church family.

• Mr. Chris Rutan, from a gentleman.

• the kind police officer with the Columbus Police Department who assisted me with my flat tire on Wednesday.

• Shirley Todd for her letter in Wednesday’s paper.

Onions to …

• the coach who is so focused on branding the team that many players have been left in the dust.

• local churches that hold Easter egg hunts, which plays upon the cultural commercialism of a sacred holiday.

• those who don’t realize the liquor stores in town all under the same ownership won’t result in lower prices.

• those in favor of the cold beer law because a bag of ice would chill room temperature alcohol before you reached your destination.

• the person who complained about me eating my lunch at my desk.

• those who still support the president of the United States.

• drivers who hold up traffic because they don’t realize you can turn right on red.

• the person who goes to all the free church meals they can find.

Happy Birthday to …

• McKenzie Krebbs, from Dad, Mom, Grandpa George, Grandma Gail and Granny Joan.

• Martha Grinstead, from Carmen, Ryan, Hilary and Jerry.

• Tina Dunkin, from Charlotte and all your family.

• Gary Cheek, from Marilyn Cheek and Crystal, Draven and Mira Martinez.

• Skyler Collins, from Mom, Greg, Nana, Grammy, Leilah and the rest of the family.

• Thaise Jessup, from Mom, Dad, Talon and G.G.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Janice and Henley Simmons, from all your family.

Happy Belated Anniversary to …

• Bryce and Casey Loweth, from family.