Letter: Bill will hurt Indiana energy sector for decades

From: Barry Kastner


Indiana’s legislators are about to wreck the market for solar power because they have not critically examined the false claims of the monopoly electric utilities that are lobbying intensively for Senate Bill 309.

The proposed “net billing” mechanism would actually create a subsidy for the monopoly utilities paid for by small solar generators. The utility would receive two revenue streams for producing only one kilowatt hour. First, the utility would bill the neighbor that consumes the solar home’s excess kilowatt hour by day. Second, the utility would bill the solar home, less a small credit, for the utility’s kilowatt hour consumed by the solar home at night. In effect, the utility sells two kilowatt hours and incurs cost for only one and earns extraordinary margins.

More than just a blatant attack on renewable energy by the monopoly utilities, SB 309 is an attack on personal liberty to use innovative technology, on competition, on job creation and free enterprise.

SB 309 will keep Indiana from developing a modern, diversified, 21st century energy sector for decades to come. If you want Indiana to have cleaner, more resilient and lower cost electricity for everyone, then call or email your state senators and representative today to say you oppose Senate Bill 309.