Court news – April 2

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

LVNV Funding vs. Kathleen Simpson, Edinburgh, $914.24; and Michelle Fields, Rosedale Drive, $798.50.Allied Collection Service vs. Nathan S. Lee, Seymour, $4,392.55; Tessa L. Paul, Hope $1,616.64; and Mark G. Peck, Lawton Avenue, $3,253.50.

C. Richard Marshall, Second Street, vs. Cathy J. Eisfelder, Bargersville, $2,132.86; and Andrea J. Young, West Ridge Drive, $1,350.

Naylor Blair Family Partnership, Edinburgh, vs. Loretta Baute, Edinburgh, $1,280 and eviction.

7K Farms Inc., Taylorsville, vs. Sweet Art, in care of Joe Shonk, Indianapolis, $5,008.28.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Heather Neri, Union Street, $950 and eviction.

Cavalry SPV I, LLC, vs. Leonard Marshall, 28th Street, $932.84; and Jim Cyliax, Westline Drive, $5,014.71.

Allied Collection Service vs. Erin E. Walters, Sunset Drive, $2,551.61.

JC Candlelight Homes and Candlelight Village, vs. Jeremy Fowler and Jenah Muir, Lamplight Drive, $223, $426 and eviction.

Grayson Management vs. Lance and Rebecca White, Jonesville Road, $485 and eviction; and Brandon and Abigail Burton, 15th Street, $980 and eviction.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie P.C., vs. Jeff Shumate, Park City, Vermont, $5,663.64; and Joel M. Hankins, Seymour, $1,712.77.

KD Rentals, Nashville, vs. Connie Richey, Washington Street, $700 and eviction.

Flintwood North Apartments vs. Susan Mee, Miami Court, $795 and eviction.

Carl W. Sexton, Poplar Grove Road, vs. Certified Car Care, Indianapolis, $6,000.

Homestead Mobile Home Park vs. Brian Ramsey and Tabitha Eaglen, Joseph Cox Court, complaint for eviction and undetermined damages.

Dissolutions of marriage filed

Rexanna Renee Veliz, Bartholomew County, vs. Jesse Joseph Veliz, Grand Avenue, married Oct. 16, 2004, no separation date available.Crystal Johnson, National Road, vs. Manuel Velazquez, California Street, married Nov. 21, 2014, separated June 20, 2016, one child.

Steven Simpson, Bartholomew County, vs. Amanda Simpson, Seffner, Florida, married Dec. 20, 2008, no separation date.

Carrie England, Bartholomew County, vs. Mitchel Wood, Lombardy Court, married Aug. 1, 2013, separated April 2014, one child.

Wendy E. Tenia, Shadow Bend Drive, vs. Jerome L. Coleman, Indianapolis, married Nov. 6, 2008, separated Dec. 11, 2015.

Pamela Lynn Kieninger, Elizabethtown, vs. Lesley Mark Taylor, Elizabethtown, married May 10, 2009, no separation date.

Oscar Ramirez Hernandez, no address available, vs. Yesinia Castro, no address available married August 2015, separated November 2016, two children.

Norma Pardieck, Bartholomew County, vs. Daniel Pardieck, Bartholomew County, married Jan. 22, 1998, separated March 22, 2017.

Rebecca S. Daugherty, Regency Drive, vs. William K. Daugherty, Springbrook Drive, married Aug. 11, 2001, separated Feb. 19, 2017.