Around Town – April 8

Orchids to …

• Tim and the staff at Kroger Pharmacy for help getting my prescription early.

• the nice couple who moved my car off the street after it died at the busy intersection of 25th and Washington streets on Friday.

• Tom Talbert for his excellent letter to the editor.

• Sherry Stark for her continued faithfulness, rightly or not, for “The Columbus Way.”

• C.A.R.E. animal rescue group for quickly finding a new home for the senior cat.

• Columbus Regional Hospital outpatient surgery unit and Dr. T. for the warm and excellent care given to me during my shoulder surgery, from B. Hamilton.

• the First United Methodist Church garden club for the awesome work and job that they do.

• Janice Taylor for her thoughtful donation of four books to Richards Elementary School library in memory of our son, Ty Fisher.

• the compassionate police officer who pulled me over on 10th Street to let me know I had an expired plate, from a very grateful resident who now has his plate renewed.

• state legislatures that support the superintendent of public education remaining elected instead of appointed.

• whomever brought my Toter back up to the house after the strong wind and rain on Thursday, from Betty.

• my friends, Bertie, Colene, Connie, Cathy and June for a fun outing Wednesday and Thursday, from Betty.

• Ken Fudge for his letter about the city administration.

• Mill Race Theatre Company for a wonderful performance of “PROOF” this weekend.

• Mayor Jim Lienhoop, his administration and Columbus City Council for moving our community forward in a professional, inclusive and transparent manner, from a grateful resident.

• Columbus Lions Club for making a difference with its community service and 100 gallons of milk donated to the local pantries.

Onions to …

• the manager who made employees sit with the air conditioner on all day when it was only 45 degrees outside.

• the letter writer with a short memory about the former president’s health care lies, and who gave half-truths about the current president.

• the elected official who thinks the answer to all of the problems of Bartholomew County is adding more road deputies.

• lawmakers who refuse to move into the 21st century and harass business owners who started a nice business in the community.

• the neighbors who never rake their leaves and now the people who did are getting those leaves all over their yards.

• those who complain about climate change because the warm weather is nice and reduces vehicle accidents due to snow and ice.

• those who support the Sunday alcohol law in Indiana because if you can drink at a restaurant, you should be able to buy alcohol to take home.

• people who have trash lying all over their yards.

• those who cause trouble at public meetings.

• the person who should volunteer at The Salvation Army instead of worry about all their already existing volunteers.

• uninformed and unobservant people who can’t understand that the parking garages downtown get full and that employees of certain companies also shop downtown, using parking spaces to do so.

• the current administration for its use of tax money and not serving the people to the best of its abilities.

Happy Birthday to …

• Kaye Estes, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Daniel Scott Whisler, with love from your family.

• Lindsey Lee-Foster, from Logan, Joslin, Mom and your brother, Mikel.

• Brenda Powers, from Dove Ministries.

• Patty Lee, from Wayne, Matt, Lisa, Ethan, Katie Lee, Ronnie, Sarah, Paige Chapman, Vera Burris, Vina Lee and New Vision Community Church.

• Ellen Coner, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Conrad Robertson.

• Natalee Beeker.

• David Miller.

• Marti Crull.

• Paige Rheinheimer.

• Jack Piercefield, from Ellen, David, Aeriel and Caleb.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Brent and Marilyn Wells.

• Marla and Kevin Batt.