Letter: Trump administration’s ‘tremendous successes’

From: Michael Greven


We are not even 100 days into the Trump administration, and there have been some tremendous successes.

Without any question his greatest success has been his effort to overturn the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. Stunning success noting that Republicans have a solid majority in both the House and the Senate, eight years to figure out a plan and the pledge of all Republicans to end Obamacare during the election campaign. Leading the charge to overturn the Affordable Health Care Act were Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan. That is some noteworthy leadership, and it is refreshing to see the way the leadership works within its own caucus and reaches across party lines.

Another stellar performance by Trump are his programs regarding immigration and refugees. I must have been dreaming when I heard Trump repeatedly say that the Mexicans were going to pay for the wall. That showed great vision and statesmanship. And that has also met with tremendous success. Given the success of his diplomacy, Trump is now asking Congress to provide $1 billion — billion with a “b” — to build the first portion of the wall. I guess Trump figures if he builds one portion of the wall, then the Mexicans will just pony up the rest. Simply brilliant.

I love the way he is showing refugees and struggling immigrants how tough America is. Makes my chest swell to think how courageously Trump is defending our borders from refugees and immigrants who have nothing. I am confident that Trump’s diligence will extend to changing the inscription on the Statue of Liberty.

In line with his success at having the Mexicans build the wall, he has shown profound wisdom in issuing executive orders that will create jobs. I thought the best idea was to reduce vehicle mileage standards. Great idea! Let’s go ahead and have our cars pollute more. That will make for a catchy sales slogan, something like “Buy a Chevy. Make the air harder to breathe for your grandchildren!” This idea was so successful that not one car manufacturer is even considering implementing his proposal. They will catch on soon.

Another stroke of brilliance was to reduce pollution standards on coal. This is really going to have an impact because everyone knows that coal can be produced so much cheaper than natural gas. Trump might have given some thought into investing more into developing energy from coal that was truly clean and cost effective, but that would be stupid. Trump, a man who so clearly understands the market forces that put coal into the position that it is, will be the coal miners’ self-proclaimed savior.

The smooth manner in which Trump has ceded global leadership on climate issues to China has been exceptional. I mean really, who needs knowledge or science? Let’s just go with ignorance — the stick your head in the sand philosophy. It’s brilliant, and it is Trump all over.