Around Town – April 13

Orchids to …

• Michael Greven for your letter to the editor.

• Dr. Jason Christie, Nurse Jody, Columbus Regional Hospital valet services and all other nurses and staff who assisted me Tuesday morning during my husband’s procedure, as your customer service went beyond our expectations.

• QuickSigns for an outstandingly professional and quick job on the decal work on the new pickup, from Orphan Grain Train.

• Brandon, Tom and Mo at Lowe’s for the fantastic job on our bathroom, and Ken and Megan for the great remodeling advice.

• Dr. Harker and staff for your excellent service when taking care of me Monday.

• Steve for being a best friend and hauling me around for doctor appointments and surgeries, from Kevin Thompson.

Onions to …

• driver of the car outside of Columbus East High School on Tuesday with the bass loud enough to hear from the third-floor classrooms for the full period.

• people who complain about what day retired people run their power equipment.

• people saying there is no quick fix to the drug problem when in reality there is no fix to the drug problem.

• people who haven’t figured out yet that the melting pot of the 1980s created the drug problem of today.

• company that places retirees in different insurance groups and makes them all split the cost if their group’s care goes over a certain limit.

• people who complain about individuals in the Onions who do work for people.

Happy Birthday to …

• Susan Meyers, from your family and Donna.

• Henrietta McGaha, from Pastor Lewis Burton and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Sandy Wall, from Nick, Megan and Alexis.

• Jessica Swinford, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Haley Spurgeon.

• Wesley Whittington.

• Donna Moore, from your daughters and families.

• Betsy Angyal, from Mom.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bob and Janet Bullock, from your family and Donna.