Court news – April 15

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Circuit Court. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Circuit Court



Ryan Hou vs. Shane Wheeler, no addresses available, complaint for damages.

Indiana Family and Social Service Administration vs. Cabrina Jackson, South County Road 150W, complaint and application for preliminary and permanent injunction.

PL 001897

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Barry J. Kress, Poplar Drive, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $222,151.49.

PHH Mortgage Corp. vs. Jennifer S. Scroghan, Newton Street, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Centra Credit Union vs. Mary Jane Barger, North County Road 475E, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $80,501.83.

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance vs. Arthur D. Fields III, South Hughes Street, $1,056.02.

Celina Mutual Insurance Co. vs. Katherine J. Girdler, Hope, $1,765.55.

Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance Co. vs. Shaun D. Elkins, North County Road 500W, $16,596,50.

Patricia L. and Anthony B. McClendon, Fairlawn Drive, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $56,549.09.

Ocwen Loan Servicing vs. C. Russell and April D. Wicker, Hope, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $75,978.52.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Jeffrey M. Daniels, South County Road 350E, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $57,610,02.

National Home Investors vs. William B. Breedlove, South Clay Street, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $88,850.

Gerald Caffee and Gloria Jean Greathouse-Caffee vs. Jimmy H. Mullins, Oakbrook Drive, complaint for damages. LLC vs. Jason D. Patrick, West County Road 230S, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $130,551.60.

Bank of America vs. Sharon Streeval, Lakestream Drive, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $131,767.07.

Dissolutions of Marriage


Pamela J. Konopa, Bartholomew County, vs. Russell G. Konopa, Bartholomew County, married July 6, 2000, separated February 2017.

Nelson R. Shelton, North County Road 500W, vs. Dana J. Shelton, North County Road 500W, married Jan. 15, 1994, separated Jan. 20, 2017.

Dawn N. McCain, Nashville, vs. Robert Allen McCain, Union Street, married February 2015, no separation date available.

Christopher C. Zeigler, Westport, vs. Hannah M. Zeigler, Columbus, married June 14, 2015, separated March 9, 2017, one child.

Vincent Moore, Bartholomew County, vs. Marni Moore, Bartholomew County, married Sept. 13, 1997, separated March 1, 2017, two children.

Don I. Williams Jr., Fairview Drive, vs. Sherry Williams, Austin, married Nov. 6, 2014, separated Nov. 20, 2015.

Kimberly S. Weddle, South Brooks Street, vs. Scott A. Weddle, Pearl Street, married Nov. 11, 2003, separated Sept. 28, 2007, one child.

Maria B. Ortiz Velazquez, Bartholomew County, vs. Salvador Ibama Madangia, Bartholomew County, married Aug. 4, 1984, separated, 2006, four children.

Christopher C. Miller, 17th Street, vs. Deborah L. Miller, Medora, married Sept. 19, 2006, separated Oct. 14, 2009.

Kylie Schneider, Bartholomew County, vs. Broc Schneider, MacIntosh Drive, married, Sept. 13, 2003, no separation date available, three children.

Leyna K. Bosely, Union Street, vs. Michael A. Bosely II, Union Street, married July 19, 2013, separated March 30, 2017, two children.

Nicholas Allen Adams, Jonesville Road, vs. Emilee Rae Adams, Brownsburg, married Feb. 7, 2013, separated Aug. 8, 2016, one child.

Gregory T. Eubanks, Bartholomew County, vs. Denise L. Eubanks, Bartholomew County, married Nov. 13, 1999, separated Feb. 17, 2017, two children.

Dusti Black, Pearl Street, vs. Peter Black, Pearl Street, married Oct. 1, 2014, separated April 1, 2017, two children.

Ashley Winchester, Taylorsville, vs. Terry Winchester, Sims Court, married July 22, 2015, separated April 8, 2016, one child.

Jessica Nicole Adams, Tyler Drive, vs. Ernest Shay Adams, Gary, married Feb. 16, 2009, separated Oct. 13, 2012, one child.

Rebecca Ann Colwell, Hope, vs. Travis Lavere Colwell, North National Road, married, Oct. 12, 2013, separated March 15, 2017.