Court news – April 15

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims


Columbus Housing Authority vs. John Buckley, Sycamore Street, complaint for damages and eviction; and Megan Ison, Pence Avenue, complaint for damages and eviction.

Danny and Sarah Sanders, Franklin Street, vs. Jacquline and Karan Burton, Garden Street, $3,000 and eviction.

Roger Hunter, Columbus, vs. Honcura, Michigan Street, $5,000.

J&C Total Home Care, Loogootee, vs. Brett Sullivan, Middle View Drive, $1,570.95.

Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corp. vs. Tara Miller, Hope, $106.85; Lauren Hammack, Hope, $204.95; Derek Mack, Knollwood Drive, $618; and Chad Hanner, Hope, $106.30.

Allied Collection Service vs. Albert C. Barnes, Madison, $2,790.15; Taylor A. Beck, Silver Fox Drive, $2,253.03; William F. Bohmert, Applegate Drive, $3,110.99; Robert A. Bryant, Jones Street, $3,047.78; Talisha D. Burton, Park Avenue, $2,491.98; Gerardo E. Caicedo, Sandstone Circle, $2,686.73; Jimmy R. Capps, East Fountain Way, $5,621.66; Randall E. Collier, Grandview Road, $1,391.94; Katelyn Daniel-Stepper, Candlelight Drive, $3,880.19; and Monica J. Darlage, Middle View Drive, $2,426.20.

Allied Collection Service vs. William J. Axel, Seventh Street, $5,984.65; Gregory S. Brooks, Karen Court, $5,106.22; Alexandria R. Bunker, Scottsburg, $3,880.23; Starla Colis-Rodriguez, Fitzgerald Drive, $5,206.36; Michelle R. Coop, Taylorsville, $1,797.64; and Misty M. Doane, South County Road 900E, $2,478.62.

Tyler Jines, Clover Court, vs. Autumn Rubio, Clover Court, complaint for eviction.

Kristina Howard, Family Drive, vs. Joey Zolton, Family Drive, $121 and eviction.

Ned E. Fear, Hartsville, vs. Pamela Sue Barkes, East County Road 250N, $4,100.

Lea Ann Mitchell, Yellowwood Court, vs. Cody James Mitchell, Yellowwood Court, complaint for eviction.

Allied Collection Service vs. Matthew Evanko, North Meadowland Drive, $2,317.50; Heather M. Allen, Washington Street, $3,214.76; Samantha C. Sanchez, Fifth Street, $2,360.80; and Rabecka K. Ward, Trafalgar, $1,399.53.

BW 30 LLC vs. Vincent and Kern Almarales, Streamside Drive, $2,514.79.

Cambridge Square Columbus vs. Sarah Brock, Cambridge Square Apartments, $429 and eviction.

Shadow Creek Homeowners Association vs. Jarrod Rutan and Kristine Pace, Lakecrest Drive, $952.51; and Roxanna Boles, Parkview Drive, $2,436.34.

Jody Marksberry, North Vernon, vs. Stephanie Gail Cecil, Elizabethtown, complaint for damages.

Julie and Bruce Trotter, North Riverside Drive, vs. Riane Clayburn and James Bringle, Franklin Street, complaint for eviction.

Ken and Lis Patton, Sycamore Street, vs. Jake Atkins, Hope, $1,061 and eviction.

Robert Risk, Riverside Drive, vs. Dylan Merritt and Dawna Hoff, Pearl Street, $1,300 and eviction.

Mark A. Kimball, Hartsville, vs. Suzanne Dora, Hartsville, $1,260.22.

Albert Stout, Taylorsville, vs. Chris Wagner, Tannehill Road, $2,500 and eviction.

Marilyn Woods, Werner Avenue, vs. Shane G. Smith, Werner Avenue, $1,500 and eviction.

TENA Inc. vs. Daniel Castillo, Elizabethtown, $1,174.35 and eviction; and Edwin Gonsalez, Garden Street, $1,156.10.

Business Consulting and Collection Services vs. Brannin Coffman, Joseph Cox Court, $3,408.51.

Allied Collection Service vs. Larry and Amanda D. Bryant, Edinburgh, $1,770.84; Jennifer L. Hyer, Riverside Circle, $2,365.82; Joseph Heitz, Westport, $5,161.88; Donald W. Denotter, Maple Street, $4,830.51; Penny S. Bryant, Rosemary Road, $5,232.71; Richard Bowling, Meadow Bend Drive, $3,781.34; Javon R. Bowens, Indianapolis, $1,666.50; Christopher A. Arp, 25th Street, $2,127; and Amy L. Anderson, Flat Rock, $2,025.40.

Hand Properties, Ninth Street, vs. Crystal and Scott Mellinger, Seymour, $3,969.46.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Debra Patton, 28th Street, $1,187 and eviction.