ISTEP Testing tips

The second phase of this year’s ISTEP+ testing begins Monday at Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp.

Teachers offer several tips to their students every year as they prepare for the annual ISTEP+ standardized test. Some of the most common ones for students include:

Get enough sleep. While eight hours is the generally accepted optimal amount of time, some teachers recommend 10 hours a night during ISTEP+ testing.

Get up with enough time to get ready for school. Feeling rushed could lead to a poorer test performance, said Missy Zimmerman, BCSC testing coordinator and a former teacher.

Eat a healthy breakfast. A quick snack isn’t enough brain food for a big test — you need a balanced meal to get you through the day.

Relax. Don’t overwork your brain with stress about the test or other things happening at school.

Be confident. You’ve covered all of the material on ISTEP in class before, so there won’t be anything new to surprise you.