Letter: Where was salute to Vietnam veterans?

From: Dan Kaiser


Vietnam Veterans Day came and went, and I saw nothing in the national or local news. I’m not surprised. Disappointed yes, surprised no. It was 40 years after my return from Vietnam that I heard for the first time, “Thank you for your service.” That was from another veteran.

During the war, 3,400,000 veterans served in Southeast Asia, and of that, 58,000 died there; 60 percent were 21 or younger. Just under 304,000 were wounded. Also, 75 percent volunteered, which is more than two times the 33 percent volunteer rate for World War II. The president of the United States declared a day for Vietnam veterans, and no one took notice.

For 48 years I suppressed my Vietnam experience, but no more. If America will not give the recognition that my fellow veterans deserve, I will. So I say to our Vietnam veterans, stand tall. Our country called and you answered. We served the best we could under the circumstances we were dealt. And to everyone: Remember our Vietnam veterans; all gave some, some 58,000 gave all.