Around Town – April 26

Orchids to …

• Garden City Church of Christ for hosting the April meeting of the South Central Indiana Men’s Fellowship, and for an excellent meal.

• the very generous gentleman and lady Sunday at McDonald’s on Third Street for blessing the Come As You Are Ministries dance team.

• Diana Mann and the BCSC students for folding 1,000 T-shirts for our Day of Caring on May 5, from United Way Volunteer Action Center.

• Steve and Judy Cecil for the committee meeting last Sunday, the nice meal and the volunteer work you both do for the community.

• Jeff Billings for mowing my lawn, from Naomi Merriman.

• Charles Wells for being an awesome attorney.

Onions to …

• Those who don’t realize that it is important for schools to stay within budget because more important things could be eliminated.

• people who continue to play loose with the facts.

• drivers who tailgate student drivers.

• fast-food restaurants where you wait 35 minutes for food.

• the individual who thinks it is OK to publish addresses of city officials on Facebook but does not think it is right to state his own address on the internet.

• the city for not repairing the curbs, road gutters and potholes on Woodcrest Court.

• men that forget how to dress up.

• people who like to harass people in the Onions.

• people who make you think you are crazy because all they do is lie.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bartholomew County Public Library architect I.M. Pei on No. 100, from Bartholomew County Public Library staff.

• Tanner Walls on No. 16, from Mom, Jimmy, Charlie, Elijah and Grandpa and Grandma.

• Donald Wood, from all your kids and grandkids.

• Daniel Rea, from Grandma Jean.

• Margaret Staublin on No. 92, from your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Doug and Diane Condon, from your family.