School foundation awards $9,700 in innovation grants

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Foundation has awarded more than $9,700 for its spring 2017 innovation grants.

The recipients, amount received and an overview of their projects are:

Katie Putnam and Delaney George (BCSC administration, instructional and technology coaches): $1,179.80. Funds will be used to organize a game that provides a series of challenges or clues that requires a strategic and collaborative team environment.

Stephany Kiel and RuthAnn Lane (Columbus Signature Academy — Fodrea, first-grade facilitators): $700. The garden project will allow students to experience planting seeds and growing food. Food grown from the garden will be donated to Love Chapel.

Suzanne Diehn (CSA-Fodrea, fourth grade): $700. Materials purchased with the grant will allow hands-on opportunities and books to challenge each student to think beyond what they know and to persevere when solutions do not come easily.

Chasidy Kannianen (Columbus East High School/Central Middle School English departments): $685. Breakout boxes will be developed that will align with Universal Design for Learning principles in engagement and expression while working to create an expert learner.

Greg Morris (Richards Elementary School, fourth grade): $1,200. Grant will be used to purchase four individual desks that will allow students to work individually or in groups while standing.

Jeannie Long (Mt. Healthy Elementary School, third and fourth grades): $700. Using flexible seating will allow students to wiggle while they are working.

Kate Edgren (Universal Design for Learning facilitator, Schmitt Elementary School): $2,000. Funds will be used to develop two libraries of resources for all district UDL facililators and coaches to support their efforts across the district.

Andy Taube (Columbus East High School, counselor): $2,600. Providing Options for Mindfulness is a 60-minute session that includes yoga, deep breathing and mindful reflection designed to equip students with the skills to self- regulate, self-reflect and set goals for improvement.

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