Around Town – April 29

Orchids to …

• First United Methodist Church for its two days of smorgasbord.

• Harry McCawley for a fantastic column on Juanita Harden.

• Mayor Lienhoop and Mary Ferdon for proclaiming April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and April 26th as Denim Day.

• all those who bring grocery bags to my house for me to take to Love Chapel for people to take food home with, from Rick.

• Frank Jerome for a tremendous letter to the editor.

• Dr. Forbes for being a wonderful oral surgeon.

• Matt Myers, the Bartholomew County sheriff, and Sandra Miles, the director of student affairs at IUPUC, for participating in the Denim Day Lunch and Learn discussion presented by Turning Point Domestic Violence Services and for facilitating an important dialogue.

• Harry McCawley for a well-written letter on Juanita Harden, from a family friend.

• Frank Jerome for the spot-on letter to the editor explaining the unnecessary obstacles Mayor Lienhoop and Columbus City Council have to deal with while moving our city forward.

Onions to …

• people who don’t realize solar energy will be 5 to 10 times more costly than fossil fuels.

• factories and other businesses that think they can get the most out of their employees by bullying them.

• the person who unfriends everyone on Facebook who doesn’t agree with her.

• the city for not extending fines to people who don’t pick up their garage sale signs after their garage sales.

• whoever is responsible for the stoplight at 25th Street and Marr Road that makes people on 25th Street sit for five minutes with no incoming traffic on Marr Road.

• lazy neighbors who never rake or mow their yard and do not teach the teenage and adult members of the family who live there to do so.

• the neighbors who have chickens that are spreading ear mites and diseases to cats and dogs.

• those who have forgotten that biology determines our gender.

• the coach who does a poor job with his team.

• the elected official who needs to be more mature.

Happy Birthday to …

• Patricia Thomas, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Dave Baldwin, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Darius Wilson on No. 13, with love from Dad.

• Edward Cherlin.

• Susan McKinney Wilcox, from Aunt Jean.

• Diana Gail Bova, from Mr. Egg.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Gordon and Barb Schnadinger, from your family and Donna.