Court news – April 29

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims filed

Made-Rite Fence LLC vs. Paul Thompson, 23rd Street, $863.57.Vijay Narsinghani, Florence, Kentucky, vs. Richard and Jessica Shipley, Maple Street, $2,025 and eviction.Susie Wallace, Edinburgh, vs. Shawn W. Schuder, Edinburgh, $360 and eviction.

Diana McNicholas, Chestnut Street, vs. Tina Merrick Gater, Hutchins Avenue, $1,012.

Brian Sears, North County Road 500E, vs. Ashleh Purdue, Hope, $2,060.95.

Bryan and Brandy Burton, Rocky Ford Road, vs. Michelle Wiles, North Cherry Street, $1,046 and eviction.

Jose Anaya and Janet Cordova, Jolene Drive, vs. Steve Singer, Continental Drive, complaint for mobile home title.

Allied Collection Service vs. Keri Leigh Hobbs, North County Road 150W, $1,621.29; Justin R. Huff, Andrew Drive, $1,692.26; Charles Hurst, Greensburg, $5,332.78; Joshua D. Hurt, South Hillview Drive, $3,520.02; Lynda K. Barkes, North Hughes Street, $1,277.17; Matthew Blackburn, Shelbyville, $2,671.89; Amy J. Carroll, Osgood, $4,653.16; Stephanie Harman, Indiana Avenue, $2,921.55; Ryan S. Harris, Taylorsville, $2,405.67; Chelsea Haynes, New Palestine, $1,658.04; and Lyle K. Hehman, 16th Street, $2,551.51.

Allied Collection Service vs. Audra N. Henderson, Hope, $1,883.31; Brandy N. Herold, Farmstead Drive, $4,838.34; Elliot M. Hill, Denois Street, $3,375.58; Larry S. Johnson, Hope, $2,133.54; Brittany D. Jones, Scottsburg; Tonya K. Joseph, Seymour, $1,470.59; Jose Juarez, Doup Drive, $3,262.12; and Carey King, Candlelight Drive, $2,309.63.