Around Town – May 2

Orchids to …

• the manager and staff at Culver’s this past Friday night for having employees and customers get in the walk-in freezer and the back room for safety after a tornado warning was issued, from John and Pamela.

• Poppy and Grandma Stormy for being the greatest grandparents a little girl could ever have, from Haylen.

• Ray Burbrink, our insurance agent, who came out on a rainy Saturday morning to take pictures and start our claims process after the bad storm Friday night.

• everyone involved in getting the power back on after the storm Friday evening and to the farmer operating the big John Deere tractor who got the utilities truck unstuck along the old State Road 9.

• the nice soldiers that helped two elderly ladies using canes to their car when they were leaving an eatery.

• Mark and Mary Weichman for helping us on Saturday with the portable generator at Menards and for hauling it to our home, from J and V.

• The Republic carrier at Winterberry Place for such great service.

• Jeff Jones for generously donating his time and talent to lead our community’s effort to address the opioid addiction epidemic.

• the Duke Energy workers for restoring our power so quickly after the Friday night storm and working long hours through the night, from Highland Ridge neighborhood.

• Duke, REMC and anyone else involved in working so quickly, hard and efficiently in restoring electric service to their customers in a timely fashion.

• The Salvation Army for bringing food to us since we had no power.

• the recently elected officers of the South Central Indiana Men’s Fellowship — Ken Blanton, president; Tom Biedenkopf, vice president; Marcus Speer, secretary; Larry White, treasurer.

• Dr. Brock Wagner at Best Friends Animal Care for your kindness and compassion with Addie and our entire family, from Art, Dorothy and Paula Winkler.

• Shawn for helping me with the doctors on Friday, from Pat.

• The Ridge for the awesome rendition of Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” Sunday, from Shirley Holmes.

• William Carr for his lawn mowing in the neighborhood.

• Martha for paying for my ticket at the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, from Laura.

• Jay Bunting for mowing our yard, from the Sweeneys.

• the city employee who moved the toter out of the middle of the street.

• Julie McNamee and Margie Bolinger for making Nick happy, from Pam and Pat.

• Jerry Henry and friend Kevin for removing the limbs and the litter from the yard of Cheryl Henry after the storm.

Onions to …

• people who don’t realize that solar energy is renewable for the next five billion years while fossil fuels are not.

• the county for the tornado sirens going off after the storm passed.

• people who don’t realize that solar power’s initial cost is high but that it can pay for itself in the long run.

• the elected local official who needs to grow up, move on and realize that this is the way the past administration was treated by the council.

• people who take friendship acceptance on Facebook way too seriously.

• restaurants that risk everyone’s health with inspection violations.

• The Republic for allowing transphobic Onions to be in the paper.

• a nutrition food site that serves sweets which are not healthy for people.

• the teacher who uses recess duty to work out, pushing some students out of the way, instead of policing recess, from other teachers.

• the bigwigs in Hope who are trying to change our sweet little town.

• The Republic for headlines about a president who has accomplished much during his first 100 days.

• the thin-skinned city official who can dish it out but can’t take it.

Happy Birthday to …

• Chris Shoultz, from your family, co-workers, Donna, Lori, Mary Beth, Billie and Karen.

• Roxanna McIntire, from your family, Jeanette and Donna.

• Shawn Riley, from your family and friends.

• Jenny Schuette, from Aunt Elsie.

• Noah Matlock, from Nan, Pap and Calib.

• John Ray, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Andy Dempsey, from Missy, Adin, Ava and Laney.

• Mike Bennett, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Stanley Henry, from Rhonda.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Donald and Penny Ramey, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.