Around Town – May 3

Orchids to …

• all who were involved in the cleanup of Bartholomew County on Friday evening.

• Joe and Kay for the birthday wish, from Ron Schaub.

• Larry Carter for mowing our yard, from the Drerups.

• Richard Liu for his outstanding senior project, heroin in Columbus.

• Ed Reuter for his many years of service to Bartholomew County.

• the Keepsake Village staff for coming together during the power outage Friday and Saturday to make sure all residents were safe and secure.

• Ashley Norman for her help, from a friend.

• Carlotta Nixon, a senior at Jennings County High School, for her much appreciated articles on the Jennings County page of The Republic.

• Sheriff Matt Myers for taking a gentleman’s telephone call.

• Honeymoon Hauling for another great moving job, from a repeat customer.

• Brandon and Tracy at the Circle K on Central Avenue for extra effort, from a regular customer.

• Marquita Tuck for buying Rick and I a ticket to the Methodist church luncheon Friday night, from Rick and Jan Moss.

• the Rev. John Armstrong for his column in Saturday’s paper.

• the kind lady who paid for my Polar Pop Tuesday morning.

Onions to …

• the former elected official and followers costing valuable time and taxpayer resources by constantly bogging down the business of the city with petty grievances.

• the rude, obnoxious customer who made fun of an employee’s new apron.

• those who don’t agree that while some vegetable onions could make you cry, some Republic Onions can actually make you laugh.

• people who do not understand the cost of energy storage systems, batteries and other complex systems on top of high panel costs which makes solar impossibly expensive for large-scale use.

• people who put garage sale signs on street corners and don’t pick them up after the garage sale ends.

• The Republic for its poor coverage of the storms that passed through Bartholomew County on Friday night.

• the two red trucks pulling trailers with mowers that were racing down Second Street on Friday afternoon.

• the former elected official who needs to move on.

• those who think its OK for the president to give alternate facts about history.

Happy Birthday to …

• Julie Woolls, from your family, Donna and Lori.

• Sushant Athalay, from your family, co-workers and Donna.

• George Robert Hege, from Grandma Hege.

• Gary Elliott.

• Maggie Janes.

• Damian Hanner.

• Karma Gahwiller.

• Lori Mobley, from Mom, Dad and Lisa.

Happy Belated Birthday to …

• Samuel P. Simmermaker, from all of his loyal friends.

• David Wilcoxon, from your buddies.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Preston and Jan Shera, from your family and Donna.