Around Town – May 6

Orchids to …

• the nice family for its act of kindness in picking up our table’s bill at a local restaurant over the weekend because my father-in-law is a Navy veteran.

• retired Columbus Fire Department Lts. Tony Shipley and Steve Ahrmann with a combined total of 63 years, from retired Chief Dave Allmon.

• whoever paid for my McDonald’s in the drive-thru, from the mailman in the white Jeep.

• the thoughtful neighbor on West Hyde Court for putting my Toters up by the garage, from Barb.

• Whitley and Shannan Fields for the delicious home-baked cookies for staff appreciation week, from the Richards office staff.

• Dr. Raghavendra, Rhonda, Michelle, Megan, April and Alison, the wonderful ladies of Franciscan Health Network, for your knowledge, confidence and encouragement during my cancer journey, from Sharon and Skip.

• Kathryn and Amy Gilliland for the delicious fresh donuts Friday morning, from the Richards staff.

• Jack Dunn, “The World’s Best Bus Driver,” for all you do because it is appreciated, from Lori and Hannah.

• the two nice men who helped me get my car started in the Columbus Shopping Center.

• Mike Musillami for posting a late prom invitation, which makes you as special as your pizza burgers, from Fran.

• Kim Ross of Online Construction for the wonderful remodeling job of our dining room, from the Johnsons.

• W.D. Richards’ PTO for the breakfast, gum packs, lunch, popcorn/movie night and soft drinks to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, from Richards teachers and staff.

• the anonymous person who purchased the dinner for the Air Force retiree and his wife at Cracker Barrel on Thursday evening, from a grateful veteran.

• Russell Poling Sr. for his spot-on letter to the editor in Friday’s edition of The Republic.

• Sadie and David Cress for honoring their gift certificates after closing Sadie’s restaurant.

• the nurses on the Fourth Tower at Columbus Regional Hospital, especially nurse Kim, for the exceptional care they took with my daughter, Tammy Huff, from her father, Denver Huff.

• the 911 responder, the city and state policemen, the two city fire trucks and the men who manned them, and the ambulance men for their quick response to my 911 call because it could’ve been worse, from Marilyn.

• my neighbor Vick for timely replacing my sump pump because of all of the trouble, from Marilyn.

Onions to …

• a society that thinks it is OK to have boys and girls who can’t figure out whether they are a boy or a girl.

• those who think it’s necessary to spend millions in car technology when it would be a lot cheaper to teach people how to drive safely and properly.

• people who think The Republic shouldn’t print a certain type of Onion just because they don’t agree with it.

• those who waste plastic and paper sacks.

• the organization that treats its employees like numbers instead of human beings.

• those who support House Republicans passing a health care bill with no information from the Office of Management and Budget on costs or impact on citizens’ health care coverage.

• the store that raised the price of head lettuce 124 percent overnight.

• uninformed people who don’t realize they are celebrating the fact their health care will soon be uninsured.

• people who put limbs in the ditch on Deaver Road, which will stop the water from flowing.

• the company that wants to charge $40 to shut off water while not doing anything to clean out the drain so that the water floods the streets.

Happy Birthday to …

• Nancy Murphy Speer, from all of your Bartholomew County friends.

• Janice Baker, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Karen Hudson, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Charlyn O’Bryan, from the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Toby Asbury, from Mom.

• Janie Luecke, from your Mom, Rennie, and family.

• Nancy Murphy Speer, from all of her Bartholomew County friends.

• Carolyn Wisdom, from Marian.

• Debbie Risinger, from Aunt Jean.

• Christina Thompson, from Denver Huff.

• Jody Wells on No. 1, from Rosie Wells.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Mike and Pat Beatty on No. 34, from the family and Ziggies.

• Mike Beatty, from your wife, Pat.