The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office has announced a partnership with an organization to provide our older residents better safety and a better quality of life.

The partnership with Triad is a continuation of one that began on a trial bases in 2016.

The National Association of Triads is a partnership of three organizations — law enforcement, older adults and community groups. More than 20 years ago, the National Sheriff’s Association, the National Association of Police and AARP signed a joint resolution to encourage a cooperative, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to crime-related problems of older persons.

“Triad is designed to foster education while promoting senior safety,” said Capt. Brandon Slate, the sheriff’s department’s Triad liaison.

Bartholomew County’s Triad Team includes Slate, Kim Chandler Bowden, Dave Coffman, Sue Norman-Chapple and Michele Yerges.