Olivia Melton and Kathryn Reitman hosted the Cacophony of the Arts as their senior project for the Academy of Fine Arts, with the help of sponsors Karen Chilman, Sandy Wildey and Chelsey Thompson.

The Academy of Fine Arts is a new program for students who have taken an certain number of fine arts classes throughout their high school career, and it also requires the students to host a senior project and take either AP Music Theory or AP Studio Art. The necessary senior project must somehow showcase the student’s artistic ability, whether it be visual or musical.

Melton and Reitman created the Cacophony of Fine Arts, but a number of other seniors decided to participate so that it would count for their senior project as well. The event was April 29. Abigail Sabelhaus, Luis Sanchez and Kelly and Olivia Melton sang a song or two of their choice. A group of band and orchestra kids played a song on their instruments. Hannah and Leah Harriman performed a swing dance, and Asencion Ramirez, Mikayla George, Shelbie Stice and I all displayed our artwork outside the doors to the auditorium.

There was no admission cost, only a monetary donation cup, which earned $93. Melton and Reitman have yet to decide what the donations will go toward, but they know they want it to be a fine arts program of some sort.

While the turnout was smaller than hoped, everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy each one of the performances as well as the various artworks, just as much as we did.

Hopefully, future AFA seniors will construct a similar senior project for people to come and enjoy next year.