Around Town – May 9

Orchids to …

• Mike Brinker of United Way for the excellent work installing my clothesline, kitchen faucet and front rails, from Judy.

• Kathy at Love Chapel for her kindness and concern.

• Doug and Amy Mock for their kindness and help.

• the Rev. James Southerland, the Rev. Robert E. Thompson Sr., and the Rev. and Mrs. Dwayne Newton for a tremendous 40-year celebration Sunday morning and afternoon at Bethel Holiness Church.

• The Republic carrier from the neighbors on Martha Court for recent good service, especially during recent inclement weather.

• Our Hospice of South Central Indiana and dear friends for the delightful veteran pinning ceremony for my father, Peter Ster.

• Lego Smith Sonic Cyborgs and their coaches for the beautiful job decorating our courtyard this weekend, from Smith Elementary students and staff.

• CSA Lincoln PTO for the “pawsome” snacks and goodies you provided during Teacher Appreciation Week.

• Yard Barbours for the great job with our landscaping project, from Tom and Bev Hall.

• Kent Jackson for mowing and weed-eating our lawn while Scott is sick, from the Pruitts.

• the young man who ran back from his car in the rain at the Wendy’s on National Road to hold open the door for an older gentleman.

• the area elementary students who made a difference by creating prom safety cards to distribute to students attending prom.

• Hope Elementary and the superintendent’s office for all the special treats and appreciation during Bus Drivers Week.

• Kirk Johannesen for his kindness and good reporting, from a Republic supporter.

• Dr. Clock and staff for taking great care of me, from Bob.

• Lee Hamilton for once again speaking words of wisdom and common sense.

• the city employee who cleaned the storm drains on Reece Lane.

• places of worship that practice religious tolerance and human rights.

Onions to …

• the vile driver in the van who intentionally ran over a family of geese Friday morning on Taylor Road when you could see them 500 yards away.

• people who think that Trump Care is an improvement to our health care system and problems.

• the female who wore a sweatshirt with vulgar words and phrases in large letters, and especially doing so where children were apt to see it.

• the driver of a burgundy vehicle who passed me on the left side at a high rate of speed in a residential and school area as I started to turn left into my driveway.

• another year of poor traffic control at the prom, leaving the kids sitting still in their vehicles.

• The Republic for not identifying Lee Hamilton as a Democrat in his biography.

• people who waste money on silly animals.

• letter writers who haven’t figured out yet we don’t have the money to save everyone from everything.

• people who don’t realize you can’t Six Sigma the drug crisis in Columbus.

• the training facility that carries out its operations on Sunday, which is supposed to be a day of rest.

• state lawmakers for passing legislation that kills my chances of putting solar panels on my house — an example of them looking out for corporate donors over constituents.

• The Republic’s coverage of the Columbus prom; Hauser’s prom was just as important.

• adults who allow dirty dancing at prom.

Happy Birthday to …

• Danny Morris, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Richard Herman Tapke IV, from Grandma Hege.

• Brett Robbins.

• Jim Tedder.

• Derek Bragg.

• Brent Michael Watson.

• Christian S. Woods.

• Sue Folkman from Shane, Lisa, Eli, Luke and Olivia.

• Grant Hensley, from Memaw and Peepaw Hensley.

• Brittany Sluder, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Athena Purtlebaugh, from your mother-in-law.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Rhonda and Terry Kelley, from Mom and Tom.