SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Prosecutors in a San Bernardino County corruption trial say a defendant threatened to expose the drug addiction and homosexuality of a county supervisor and assessor in 2006 in order to get his help in a $102 million settlement with a developer.

But the supervisor, Bill Postmus, testified at trial Wednesday that he saw no evidence of either plot. Postmus said on the stand that the defendant, former county Assistant Assessor Jim Erwin, stood beside him during his struggle with methamphetamine.

Prosecutors did show jurors a memo in which Erwin told Postmus that his conduct has placed his personal and political reputation in jeopardy.

Postmus is testifying under a deal with prosecutors in the trial of Erwin, other county officials and a developer from Colonies Partners.

The trial, stemming from the legal settlement Colonies received 11 years ago, has been going on for five months.