Letter: Officials enriching rich, harming most Hoosiers

From: Denny Kubal


The recent vote of our congressional representatives Trey Hollingsworth and Luke Messer approving of the American Health Care Act would harm Indiana residents’ health care, and help the rich get richer.

At least 24 million Americans would lose coverage. Insurance companies would raise your rates based upon your health. Patient premiums would rise dramatically – $140,510 per year for cancer, diabetes $5,500 and arthritis $26,000. Medicaid funding would be cut by $880 billion.

Sixty million Americans rely on Medicaid, including children, pregnant women, seniors, individuals with disabilities and two-thirds of nursing home residents. Everyone over age 47 would experience a premium increase. The average premium increase would be $3,200 for people age 50 to 64.

Our congressman are not doing much for most Hoosiers, but they are enriching the wealthiest among us: The top .1 percent of taxpayers would get a $207,000 tax break from this so-called health care bill!

We know economic inequality causes many social problems, and that we are standing on a precipice — inequality is worse than ever. Yet the Republicans are trying to push us off the cliff. Their proposals deceptively intensify wealth-transfer from the taxpayers and the government to the wealthiest Americans through bills they call “health care” and “tax reform.” They hope these red herrings conceal their insidious efforts.

It is not too late to stop this. We all should be discussing this issue with our friends and family, and with our representatives. Unfortunately, our congressman do not meet with constituents at town halls or public events, and do not provide their schedules. Perhaps they will see you if you are among the economic elite that will receive a $207,000 tax break from this so-called health care bill.

Please help those in need who will lose their health care by calling U.S. Senator Todd Young at 202-224-5623 and Sen. Joe Donnelly at 574-288-2780 and ask them to oppose the AHCA.