Around Town – May 13

Orchids to …

• athletic trainer Amy Shipp and her crew for planning and implementing the athletic physicals event at Hauser for their student athletes and Columbus Regional Health, the Lions Club and the doctors and nurses who contributed their expertise to make it a success, from Dr. Van.

• Kaitlyn Evener and the great work she does as a reporter for The Republic.

• Dr. Guse, Dr. McMullen, the surgery team and any others who were involved with my care during surgery Tuesday morning, from Pat.

• the guest speaker at the Human Rights Dinner who mentioned our local representative in her speech.

• the angel at Kroger who finished paying for our groceries late Thursday afternoon.

• Columbus/Bartholomew County Salvation Army for providing two tremendous Gleaners food trucks.

• the county survey crew and Tom Finke for notifying me about the cattle, and Jason White and others who helped get them in the barn, from a farmer.

• Columbus Parks and Recreation Department for planting trees at the Ninth Street Park.

• Bartholomew County pork producers for a tremendous pork chop dinner at their annual meeting.

• Steve and Pam Whiteside for an awesome meal Thursday night at the Bartholomew County pork producers dinner.

• Cecil Price.

• PAAL coaches who play all their kids on the basketball team with equal playing time because this is a learning league.

• Cathy Anderson for your generosity in making sure I had money for the book fair and ice cream, from an elementary student.

Onions to …

• neighbors who allow their dogs to bark for hours on end, disturbing the peace of everyone else in the otherwise quiet neighborhood.

• the city for paying our police officers less than those in a neighboring city.

• the parents who allow their children to run wild and unsupervised, trespassing on other people’s property and engaging in delinquent behavior.

• drivers who continually run the four-way stop at 22nd and Midway.

• the train operator Friday morning for overuse of the horn.

• those who don’t realize that prom is very expensive and a lot of kids who want to go are unable to afford it.

• those expecting students to dress in formal wear for prom, which only adds to the cost of attending the event.

• anyone using motorized transportation on the People Trails.

• people who say Americans aren’t smart enough as they need to look back and see the genius and ingenuity that have forged this great country.

• the program director who raises the costs to play a sport but provides the kids with cheap rewards instead of trophies.

• referees who don’t listen to parents, players, coaches and spectators and allow a situation of aggressive behavior to escalate.

• the school corporation for its handling of a teacher and to the principal for not being aware enough.

Happy Birthday to …

• Vera Merideth, from your son, Mark.

• Marian Kirby, from J.B., Jeanette, Rita, Karen, Debbie, Wayne, Imogene and Neal.

• Tucker Settle and Joe Chambers, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Amelia Jean Rockhill.

• Amber Hundley.

• Ben Miller.

• David Bruner.

• Elizabeth King Finke.

• Brandon Rhoades.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Andrew and Ellen Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.