Letter: Good customer service essential

From: Dexter Fravel


Since January I have gathered information for my topic of service and politeness. I have visited close to 100 businesses in Columbus. The front-line service workers of fast food places are very rude; I found only two or three who greeted me with a smile. The same goes for big stores and their cashiers.

The restaurants that you dine in, the waiters have no clue what service is. The one place that you can get good service is the pharmacy, but not all of them; you have to choose wisely. The best one in Columbus is the one that’s open 24 hours and has multiple people on duty.

Getting back to the fast food places, one of the top places did the following:

  • Greeted you with a smile.
  • Asked, “How can I help you?”
  • Asked for your name and remembered you on your next visit.
  • Closed with, “It’s a pleasure to serve you.”

In conclusion, what has happened to being courteous and kind? Just a smile can make your day.