Letter: Columbus leaves happy memories

From: Al Stein

Delray Beach, Florida

I have just received a copy of Harry McCawley’s column about the old restaurants in Columbus, and what a thrill it was reading it. I remember all of those mentioned and, in fact, ate at all of them when I lived in Columbus.

I was a resident for more than 20 years, arriving via the United States Air Force at Bakalar Air Force Base. I met one of the residents and got married there, and started work at the Union Sales Co. I left Columbus in 1978 after having worked at Benzol Co. for more than 12 years. I went to Atlanta, but always returned to Columbus to visit friends and family.

My last visit was two years ago, and I was thrilled to see all of the improvements that have taken place over the years. I have lived in Florida for the past 20 years. Florida is great, but when it comes to memories Columbus always is first and foremost.

There are many other changes that have taken place in Columbus since I left. Some day I hope one of your reporters would go down memory lane and spotlight some of those changes. Your new residents and a lot of the old ones would be surprised to know just what type of city they are now living in. Columbus has a book full of memories, which would warm everyone’s heart, and, to say the least, I would like to know them, too.